Day 20 ~ “44 Day Journey into Self Love, Gratitude and Joy ”

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Day 20 of your “Journey into Self Love, Gratitude and Joy ” ~ 30.Dec.17

Today is a Channel Panel event, my husband will be channelling along side other channels and people all over the US come to this amazing event. So excited.

Today, let’s look at our relationship to our Mind. When we are connected to our mind in a very conscious way, this supports our thoughts to be focussed on that which serves our highest good, instead of focussing on negativity. Our conscious connection to our mind allows us to move through life with ease and grace. It supports us to flow through life with more joy.  The more  aware we are of our thoughts, the easier it is to shift our thoughts to a higher perspective.   (And it’s ok if right now if you don’t feel like you are in charge of your thoughts and your mind, we are going to support you to move through the healing of this relationship to your emotions)

Here’s an example of my relationship to my MIND right now:

  1. I am very conscious and aware of my thoughts, and I ensure that it’s focussed on what I desire
  2. I do mindset work to ensure that I’m connected to high vibrational thoughts

The question for today is….

Are you allowing yourself to be consciously connected to your Mind right now? If so, why or why not? How has this supported you on your journey? 

Write down 11 mantras and affirmations, that supports you to be consciously connected to your mind. e.g. I am powerful, I am FREE to be Me

I invite you to take some time to answer this question, feel what’s coming up and allowing yourself to support YOURSELF and Love YOU as you go through this process.

I’d love to hear from you, COMMENT BELOW the POST. Share with me the answer to your question and allow yourself to open up to a deeper level of self love, gratitude and joy within you.


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