Day 22 ~ “44 Day Journey into Self Love, Gratitude and Joy ”

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Day 22 of your “Journey into Self Love, Gratitude and Joy ” ~ 1.Jan.18


WOOHOO! It’s 2018! It’s an absolutely gorgeous day here on Maui. It’s sunny, and from our house it’s a magical view of the ocean and mountains.

2018 is an 11 year, and what this means, is that there are a lot of opportunities available to us to create a life of abundance, happiness, ease, grace, confidence, well-being, and fulfilment.

This 11 year signifies the importance of being able to step into your own power, and owning your Soul’s purpose in more powerful and positive ways.

This is a powerful time to create our reality in ways that feel good for us, instead of forcing, pushing, struggling and try to make things happen from an energy of fear.

Today, let’s look at our intentions for this year, because the clearer our intentions are the more Spirit can support us in magical and miraculous ways.

Here’s an example of my intentions for 2018:

May it be filled with Infinite Blessings of prosperity, healthy & well-being, joy, peace, and the expansion in the next level of my Soul’s Embodiment

May I be well nourished physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally

May I continue to shine my light in a much bigger way

May I trust and surrender into the knowing that my life is unfolding in the most magical and divine way.

May I always remember that I am loved, I am needed and I am a beautiful Soul.


The question for today is….

Write down your INTENTIONS for 2018. And then share it with me by COMMENTING BELOW. 

I invite you to take some time to answer this question, feel what’s coming up and allowing yourself to support YOURSELF and Love YOU as you go through this process.

I’d love to hear from you, COMMENT BELOW the POST. Share with me the answer to your question and allow yourself to open up to a deeper level of self love, gratitude and joy within you.


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