Day 5 ~ “44 Day Journey into Self Love, Gratitude and Joy ”

Day 5 ~ Journey into Self Love, Gratitude and Joy

Day 5 of your “Journey into Self Love, Gratitude and Joy ”

Today, let’s look at 3 situations from your past where you learnt a lot about yourself and what gifts those situations brought into your life.

Here’s an example in my life of 3 situations that served me in a positive way:

  1. I was in a relationship with a man who wasn’t respecting me and loving me for me. I learnt through this situation,  that it’s SO important to LOVE myself first and when I do that, others will reflect that love back to me.
  2. Experiencing a health crisis ~ Through this I learnt that I have the power to heal myself, and that I can heal my BODY in powerful ways.
  3. I moved to Hawaii from Australia and I left my family and friends behind, which was very sad for me. ~ This situation taught me that Spirit is always guiding me to the best places, situations, people etc, that will serve my highest good and the highest good of all involved.

The question for today is….

What are 3 situations in your life that have served you in a positive way? What did you learn from it? 

I invite you to take some time to answer this question, feel what’s coming up and allowing yourself to support YOU and Love YOU as you go through this process.

I’d love to hear from you, COMMENT BELOW the POST. Share with me the answer to your question and allow yourself to open up to a deeper level of self love, gratitude and joy within you.


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