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Sacred DNA Activations and Restructuring works on men, women and children from all backgrounds around this beautiful and infinite planet.DNA Activations and Restructure Method™ helps Souls reclaim their innate and inborn psychic, intuitive and clairvoyant gifts, to access your true Birthright and your Soul’s truth, purpose, passion and purpose on this beautiful planet. This is done by activating the dormant DNA codes within you to reconnect you with your PURE ESSENCE!

Through Sacred DNA Activations and the DNA Restructure Method™, I want to serve the world on a much bigger scale and on an even deeper and meaningful level. You don’t have to understand it for it to work.. your soul will tug and pull at you to get activated when you’re ready.. even a slight interest means you’re ready. Your Soul will guide you to get your DNA Activated when you are ready, willing and open to receiving it. 

When we talk about activations, what we mean is that the higher strands of our DNA isn’t be used, or not used to their fullest potential until they’ve become activated.

So basically, everyone is walking around with 3 strands, or more if they’re lucky, activated, and being used.

On the strands have been placed blocks, seals, and programs that affect the physical (disease), emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies throughout our lifetimes for various reasons. So your body isn’t able to heal. Things like mental illness run rampant. Cancer, illness, death.. all stem from our inactive DNA.

Why would you want your DNA activated and restructured? For one, so your body can heal.

But also, so you can manifest swiftly and accurately anything you want. You receive instant manifestations, which makes this process even more powerful. 

DNA Activations also enhances your intuition and psychic abilities. You will be an open source and channel for higher frequencies like Source energy. My powerful and magical gifts as a Shamanic Soul Activator & Priestess, Divine Channel and Medical Oracle has opened up even more since being activated. 

Truth is, your DNA knows when it wants that activation and it will not stop dropping hints, until you do it. Once you are open to the activations, you can be activated up to either 12 or 24 strands. It depends on what your Soul needs in the moment, what your physical body can take right now and what will benefit you the most for your highest good. 

What does a DNA Activation and Restructure™ with me look like?


The session begins with a powerful meditation that immediately aligns you with your Pure Crystalline essence. This meditation will prepare you for the MAGIC and huge SHIFTS that you’ll experience during the Activation.

I’ll connect with your energetic vibration and physical body and assess where your DNA strands are at in that moment to decipher what’s going on for you underneath the surface that’s causing your physical ailments, pain in your body, emotional instability, mental confusion and lack of connection to the Divine.

When I work with your DNA, I connect you with the Ascended Masters, Angelic Beings, Source & Cosmic Guides as we powerfully tune into your Soul’s essence, open you up fully, access your beautiful gifts and turn your dreams into reality.

I give you the tools to create your life with absolute clarity, limitless JOY and overflowing LOVE.

Once your DNA is activated, then we work together with the Restructure Method™ to ground this healing into the physical. This happens on a deeply energetic and cellular level.

As Divine Souls having a human experience when we reincarnated into this lifetime, protective seals were placed on our DNA and it blocked our true potential to be instant manifestors of reality.

DNA Activation and Restructure™ removes the energetic blockages to you embodying your Higher Self. I love supporting and empowering Souls to reconnect with their Soul’s truth much faster than if they were to do it by themselves. The journey is different for everyone and that’s why I love what I do. It’s supporting and empowering people to create a new reality for themselves where they have the opportunity to choose if it’s aligned with them .

This work is sacred and it is very powerful and that’s why as a Sacred DNA Activator and Restructurista, I’m so excited for you to step into your greatness and live the life of your dreams.

Do you want to discover your highest potential and what you are truly meant to do in this world with your gifts? This is the moment. This is your time.
And I’m here to serve you.

Let’s do the DNA Jam together! I’d love to connect with you!

Let’s get connected for a Powerful and Transformational Sacred DNA Activation and Restructure Session™.

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