2019 is a 3 Universal year, and what this means, is that there are a lot of opportunities available to us to create a life of abundance, happiness, ease, grace, confidence, optimal health & well-being, more fulfilment  and manifesting our desires more easily and effortlessly.

This 3 year signifies the importance of being able to step into your own power, speak your truth with courage and confidence, express your true feelings more openly and honestly and tap into powerful creativity to manifest the kind of life that you truly desire.

You’ll be called to rise up and shine your light in ways that you’ve never had to before. This year will assist you to bring more lightheartedness, laughter, fun, creativity, inspiration, alignment, authenticity, playfulness, truth and Divine Self Love into every situation and relationship. And it will amplify the power and potency of your thoughts, words, feelings, energies and intentions.

This is a powerful time to create our reality in ways that feel good for us, that is in alignment our highest truth and in integrity with our own truth. Instead of forcing, pushing, struggling and trying to make things happen from an energy of fear, lack and unworthiness.

So my questions to you are?

Can you say with all honesty and absolute certainty that you are living a life of purpose and aligned with your Soul’s purpose?

Do you have trouble, flowing with life, and are constantly struggling to create your life on your terms?

If so, why not let your Soul, Higher Self and Divine Team be your guides? Because the truth is you are a Divine Being having a human experience. You have the power within you to create and manifest a miraculous life.

And when you allow your Soul, Higher Self and Divine team to show you the way, you open up to a new world of possibilities, where you live your life on your own terms and not on anyone else’s terms.

Do you want to know what 2019 has in store for you?

Do you want to navigate 2019 with ease and joy?  

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This beautiful letter is one that I channel from your Soul, Higher Self and Divine Team. And it contains spiritual guidance about your path, your journey at this time, lessons that you are learning, and what to expect in 2019.

During the creation of your personalised LOVE LETTER  from your Soul, Higher Self and Divine Team, I’ll be channelling through high vibrational energy, divine wisdom and transformational healing so you can connect with your true self and experience the power of unconditional self-love.

When you receive this LOVE LETTER, you’ll be able to:

* Release deep-seated conscious and unconscious trauma, anxiety and emotional pain that is at the root of your current state of being.  

* Easily connect to your inner wisdom so you can make powerful aligned choices that bring you closer to your dreams

* Create healthy boundaries that support you so you can have space for creativity and success on your terms

* Speak your truth no matter what else is going on…and you’ll do this with kindness, clarity and strength, without apology or fear.

* Experience amazing relationships in all areas of your life  – from business partnerships to romance.

* Experience deep inner peace, and authentic confidence so you can tackle any challenge that comes your way with grace

Through this powerful healing experience, You’ll receive:

* a  handwritten LOVE letter sent to your mailbox and a scanned copy to your email.

*Wisdom about the lessons you are learning at this time in your life

* Medical Intuitive guidance around what’s below the pain and discomfort that you are feeling in your physical body

* Spiritually Aligned Action Steps that you can take right now, that will support you in creating your beautiful life

* Information about the blocks or limitations from your Childhood, Past lives or ancestral history  that will shine a light on unknown promises, vows and other unwanted bonds that hold you back.

* Channelled Wisdom and Insights from Ascended Masters and High-Frequency Beings for guidance on how you can find soul satisfaction as you live the life of your dreams

* Activation of New Belief Systems and mantras that will serve as the pillars of your life so you will always have an incredibly strong and supportive foundation to create the future you desire

You’ll feel powerful healing just from receiving this LOVE LETTER from your Soul, Higher Self and Divine Team.

This LOVE LETTER will illuminate your Soul’s Purpose and life path as you get connected to your true essence, your heart, your emotions and your body.

You can look forward to experiencing ease, flow and aligned abundance.

You’ll remember who you truly are and what you are meant to do in this world.

You’ll take charge of your life, own your truth and live with power, purpose,and passion.

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