Chakra Activation Meditation

Your Chakras are the 7 energy centres within your body. They govern the way you behave, relate to people and respond to certain situations. 

When any of these are out of alignment,  you might feel a sense of physical discomfort, emotional imbalance, mental confusion and lack a strong spiritual connection to the DIVINE. 

If you don’t feel like yourself, are feeling out of balance and lacking a sense of enthusiasm and passion for life, one or more of your energy centres may be out of alignment. 

In this Chakra Activation meditation, I take you through each of your 7 main chakras and activate and open them up individually. This meditation clears all the blocks that prevent you from feeling open, confident, happy and aligned to the truth of who you are and your Soul’s purpose.

Do this meditation daily and as often as you need, to help you feel centered, balanced and grounded. This is a very powerful meditation and I suggest you drink a lot of water after this and hold yourself in a loving and compassionate space.

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