Divine Self Love Mantras ~ Card Deck


My own personal Journey is deeply rooted in creating a higher level of Divine Self love for myself and for those in my world. I learned very quickly on my journey that I can’t create and live the life of my dreams if I’m not first willing to look at my stuff and bring in Divine self love into my current awareness.

The 77 insightful Divine self-love messages will assist you to open up to the power of Divine Self Love within you and in the world. This inspiring and insightful 77-card deck offers loving guidance to help you find the COURAGE when you are feeling down, LOVING SUPPORT when you are feeling lost and confused, SURRENDER in times of uncertainty, EASE GRACE AND JOY in all situations, FLOW AND ALLOWING in the face of change and TRUST that you are greatly supported by the Divine.

I invite you to be open and receptive to the loving guidance each card provides, trust that your life is unfolding in the most divine and magical ways, step into a higher level of Divine Self love and know that your Divinity of Love is a gift.

When you purchase these card decks, you’ll receive in a gorgeous bag…
1) 77 cards
2) 4 crystals – 1 heart-shaped rose quartz and 3 others that i’ll intuitively choose that will support you on your journey

PLEASE NOTE : You’ll receive your very own Divine Self Love Mantras Card Deck 3 – 4 weeks after purchase.  

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