Divine Self Love Meditation ~ Quan Yin ~ Channelled by Maricris Dominique Dela Cruz

Self Love is very powerful. When you love yourself you can shift and heal any situation that you are going through right now.

The loving relationship we have with ourselves affects everything! From your romantic relationships to your friendships, to your ability to receive even more prosperity into your life and how successful you are in manifesting your dreams and desires with ease. 

When you tap into a higher level of Divine Self Love within you, these are just some of the results….

* powerful manifesting abilities

*clarity when tapping into your intuitive abilities 

* authenticity in your life and within your relationships

* a sense of calm and peace in your world and so much more! 

Divine Self Love assists you to have a more open and receptive HEART. The more open your HEART is, the more willing and ready you are to receive the higher guidance and use that to support yourself and others in your life more fully. 

Do this meditation daily and as often as you need, to help you feel deeply connected to the Love within you and the Love that exists all around you. This is a very powerful meditation and I suggest you drink a lot of water after this and hold yourself in a loving and compassionate space.

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