The Power of Being fully Grounded ~ Soul Activation Class Recording

SOUL ACTIVATION  CLASS with Maricris Dominique Dela Cruz


Do you want to engage in your life more fully and still have powerful Spiritual experiences?

I’m sure you’ve often heard people say “It’s important to be grounded”, “You have to be more grounded”.


What does “being grounded” really mean?

Being grounded, is when you are fully connected to your physical body, and it’s also that powerful connection to Mother Earth, to your environment and to those in your world.

When you are grounded, you are fully present in each moment and you are very aware of what’s happening to you in your current circumstances.

As Divine Souls, having a human experience, we are taught to LOOK UPWARDS to have more powerful Spiritual awakening experiences, and as much as I agree with that, we also need our connection to the earth to nurture our human experiences on this planet.

When you are NOT grounded, you’ll experience…

*mental confusion and the inability to make decisions and choices in your life

*being light-headed, dizzy or space out

*forgetting information

*misplacing items and unsure where you’ve put them

*constant tiredness, feeling drained and not having optimum health and well-being

*lack of focus

These are just a few symptoms of not being fully grounded, and it’s impact on your overall health and well-being.

HOWEVER, when you are grounded, you’ll experience..

* a sense of calm and peace in your world

*ease in making decisions and choices about how to move forward on your journey

* improved mental clarity

*optimal physical health and well-being  and so much more!


Through this POWERFUL, Soul Activation Class, you’ll learn:  

1) The importance of GROUNDING and how it can benefit your health and well-being

2) Blocks and limitations to being fully grounded

3) Simple, yet powerful grounding techniques

4) How being grounded can support you to manifest your desires with ease and grace


you’ll receive:

* a powerful relaxation meditation and intentions at the beginning of the class to create the space for openness and receptivity to receive the insights and wisdom that comes forward

* insights and support from Maricris about being grounded and how it can support you on your journey

*a magical ROOT and SACRAL CHAKRA Activation

* powerful grounding techniques to support you to manifest your desires with ease

* a grounding meditation which you can use to ground yourself anytime and anywhere

*personal guidance to ONE question you need clarity around or support with.

This Soul Activation Class will support you to open up to deeper awareness and activate your Soul’s consciousness.  We’ll be working in an intimate group setting and I’ll be giving YOU focused attention, energy and love.

After participating in just ONE Soul Activation Class with ME,  your Soul purpose and life path will be illuminated as you get connected to your true essence, your heart, your emotions and your body. You’ll feel powerfully aligned in your Cellular, Energetic, Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Emotional bodies to release fear and anxiety and FINALLY live the life of your dreams!

You can look forward to experiencing ease, flow and aligned abundance.

You’ll remember who you truly are and what you are meant to do in this world.

You’ll take charge of your life, own your truth and live with power, purpose,and passion.

I’m offering this extraordinarily powerful Soul Activation Class to you if who are ready to for this level of transformation and magic.

The total value of this magical Soul Activation Class is over $499

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