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The Inner Light Illumination Process™ is my speciality and it’s my passion and purpose for being on this beautiful planet. I just LOVE supporting people to step into their power, connect with their Guides, Higher self and Intuition, love yourself wholeheartedly, reconnect with their truth and release all that’s blocking You from living a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. 

During the Inner Light Illumination Process™  I powerfully and magically connect to the ‘true essence of your Soul to bring into your awareness insights, guidance, wisdom, support and healing that you need in the moment to keep moving forward powerfully on your journey.

What does the Inner Light Illumination Process™ with me look like?

I begin with a Soul Activation meditation which grounds, clears and relaxes  you. This helps to open your Soul and reconnects you with your Heart. In this space, you are more open to receiving the wisdom, insights, guidance and support that you need. 

We check in with your energy and assess where your Chakras are at in that moment. I activate and open up each chakra individually to make sure they are aligned, cleared, cleansed and balance. When your chakras are in alignment, you’ll feel a sense of peace and serenity in your world.

I connect with your physical body and tune in to your energetic vibration to help you decipher what’s going on underneath the surface that’s causing your physical ailments, pain in your body, emotional instability, mental confusion and lack of connection to the Divine.

I set the intention to clear and bring into your awareness what’s going on for you, on a very deep level whether that’s a physical block, old belief system, stuck emotion or an energetic interference, that keeps you from stepping into your full and highest potential.

I work on a holistic level to restore your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being. This is done using multi-dimensional healing frequencies to support you through the powerful energy clearing and transformational shifts that take place during the session.

We work together to venture to the deepest parts of your heart and soul to gain clarity around what you are currently experiencing so you can feel the freedom and happiness you desire.

Each session is a totally unique experience and is completely client-centered. I’m guided by what your Soul desires in the moment and how to best heal and release what could be blocking you from creating the life that you absolutely desire and deserve.

After our time together, confidence and a deep sense of joy and satisfaction will wash over you as you remember who you truly are and what you are meant to do in this world.

If you are ready to create more powerful and positive experiences in your life, living from your highest and best potential,  I’d love to connect with you. 

Are you ready NOW to take your personal transformation to the next level and feel the freedom of aligning with the powerful essence of your SOUL?

Let’s get connected for a Powerful and Transformational Inner Light Illumination Process™.

Magical love, gratitude and light

XxXoOo ???

Maricris Dominique

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